Neos awarded contract with Texas Education Agency Permanent School Fund

Neos is pleased to announce we’ve been awarded a contract with Texas Education Agency Permanent School Fund (TEA PSF) to implement a firm-wide trading and compliance software solution. The TEA PSF has selected the Blackrock Aladdin service as the software solution to be implemented.  The TEA PSF has engaged Neos to provide project management, business analysis, interface development, historical Aladdin reporting database development, testing, and other assistance with the Aladdin implementation as appropriate.   The project begins immediately and will be complete by January 31, 2015.  It is a deliverables-based project executed using Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Deliverables-Based contract vehicle (DBITS).

The Texas Permanent School Fund is a sovereign wealth fund which serves to invest its assets to provide a return for funding of public primary and secondary education in the State of Texas. As of the end of fiscal 2012 (August 31), the Permanent School Fund has a balance in excess of $28 billion. The fund is distinct from the Permanent University Fund, which funds most institutions in the University of Texas System and the Texas A&M University System, but no other public universities or schools in the state.